Lung transplant patients face problems few of us will ever encounter. But for every challenge patients face, there is a medical breakthrough.


Fund the research that will solve the problems of rejection, infection and lengthy waiting lists for all lung transplant patients. Learn more about the research we fund.


Read our patient stories of hope in the face of despair, compassion in the face of suffering, courage in the face of adversity. We are destined to change lives.

Your donation will lead to smarter technologies, better quality of life, greatly improved outcomes and longer life expediencies for all lung transplant patients.


Annual Gala 2018

Mark your calendars for October 15th for the Annual Gala in support of The Lung Transplant Project. We’re proud of the amazing event we had last year, full of heartfelt moments, good friends and even a surprise appearance by Patti LaBelle!

We're excited to be returning to Guastavinos at the 59th Street Bridge in NYC. You'll be wowed by this elegant evening, with wonderful entertainment, touching moments, and more surprises!

Get ready for an exciting night, supporting a cause that is very close to our hearts – our lungs!

New Era in Lung Transplantation

Many of us have benefited from life-extending lung transplants and were given a second chance at life. Now, our mission is to fund the research that will soon solve the problems of rejection, infection and lengthy waiting lists.

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Patient Stories


A letter to my organ donor…

Six years ago, on April 18, 2012 I received the ultimate gift – a healthy set of lungs. This is my transplant story and finally, an open letter to my donor Chris who gave me a second chance at life. On April 17th I was called to Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in New York […]


The Story of Sam Wydner

My dad, Sam Wydner, had a life-extending lung transplant at Columbia University Medical Center/NY Presbyterian on February 20, 2015. I remember the date well, because when I saw him on February 19, he was struggling for breath even with 50 liters of oxygen. I really thought it would be the last time I saw him […]


My Life Changed Forever

I remember it well. It was in February of 2009, when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After a successful surgery, I noticed that I was experiencing shortness of breath and was rushed into surgery to find I had a very rare form of lung disease. Dr. Arcasoy agreed to treat me in January 2010, […]

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